My Party – 21st November 1999

I bet today will be boring. Oh well.

I have to write but I don’t want to write.

Yesterday was pretty cool, but Carly was so annoying to Ken. She was following him everywhere. He was getting me to stand in between them the whole night.

I cut my hand in two places, and now it’s really sore.

Julia was being a nerd. She was being so nasty to Ken and made him get really annoyed. Everyone was so glad when she went home early at 8:30.

Fran was fun. It was funny because her nick name is ‘Shagwell’ now because of Austin Powers, and because she likes his brother Ken said to her, “More like, Shag-my-brother well”.  I was trying to hold my laughter in, but then when she left the room I couldn’t stop giggling.

Ken was cool, except for when he sat on the hair chopsticks he bought me more my birthday and snapped them.


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