Shopping Trip – 28th November 1999


Today I went clothes shopping.

I bought a white boob tube, a mesh top, and a pair of grey-blue pedal pushers. I spent $80.

Afterwards I went to help out at the after school care programme’s play rehearsal. Ken was there, and so were the ‘homos’. (The ‘homos’ are a couple of kids that drive us crazy).

Ken had to stand in for so many people who didn’t show up. At one point he was standing in for a soldier, and had this big black wooden gun, and kept pointing it at my head. I shook my head at him. What an idiot. Then he pointed it at him mums ass and shouted “BOOM!” She was so mad, but then, she always is.

Next, The Beatles had to go on stage. The little kids were singing ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, and doing their cute little dances. Then Chris (Ken’s brother) caught my eye. He was holding a giant cardboard double bass, dancing in the background shaking his head, thinking nobody could see him. He lifted his head and saw that I caught him out, so hid behind the curtain.

Chris is 16, with the mentality of a 5 year old I swear to god. For the rest of the day he kept poking me with this stupid little stick he kept carrying around. Idiot.


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