The Fence – 20th November 1999

We were up at the school and I had my skateboard with me. I was with Ken, Victor, Fran and Carly. It had started to get dark so we decided to go back to my house.

On the way back, a car drove past and a bunch of guys swore at us, so me and Ken started screaming at them. They turned their car around and started to slow down. I thought they were just going to the shop. Then, they started to come back towards us.

We were all shit scared because their car started speeding towards us, following us down the street. We ran through someone’s property to hide. Ken and Victor jumped the fence. It was so funny when Ken jumped because he’s so small, and all we could see was these tiny little legs flying in the air.

From then on every time a car drove past we all started screaming and running.


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