Adrian Mole – September 17th 2000


I started reading Adrian Mole again today for the second time. It’s beginning to make more sense to me now than it did the first time around. When I first read it I was in standard 4, and none of the jokes were funny.

Now it makes me laugh when he measures himself and says it was 11cm, and then it was 12cm.

And when he said he “felt a bit funny”, when he was reading Big and Bouncy, hah hah.

The best part though was when he said, “I told Pandora that her eyes looked just like my dog’s. She asked me what kind of dog it was. I told her it was a mongrel”. THE BEST.

I’m really hungry so I’m going to secretly get something to eat. If my dad finds out he will kill me because we just had a massive fight about Eminem and the phone. I’ll be right back.


The stupidest thing just happened. Andy gave his girlfriend’s 3 year old son some rat food to feed to his rat Rachel, (honestly, I didn’t name the rat, but it fits perfectly don’t you think?) Anyway, the little kid thought Andy was giving him a snack, and stuffed all the rat food into his mouth. SICK!


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