Crying – September 16th 2000

Why does Rachel always insist on ruining my life? What did I ever do to her?

Me and Chels and Cece were in the locker room and Chels was talking about how long I’ve been going out with George for, and somehow Rachel heard and started crying and stuff, saying “It’s not fair” to her friends.

She can’t say that it’s not fair on her. She had her chance going out with him, and she blew it, now it’s my time. I didn’t even know they used to be together until I was already going out with him. I’m not going to give up if that’s what she thinks.

My friend Zoe is best friends with Rachel, and she told me just to ignore it. She said that you can’t stop someone’s feelings. Just like Rachel can’t stop mine for George too. Plus, she only likes him, and I love him.



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