Dreams of Big Day Out – September 16th 2000

Nooo, my posters are not sticking to my wall! Sucks. I go to sit down, then I see a corner curl up and the whole thing drops down!!

That song by Papa Roach is so kewl, “Losing my sight, losing my mind, wish somebody would tell me I’m fine”.

I am so going to the Big Day Out next year. I didn’t get to go this year which was a bummer because everybody awesome went, like Blink 182, the Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson. But that’s okay because Blink are coming back on the 4th of November. So of course I’m gonna go. I’d be crazy not to.

I kind of conned my mum into buying the tickets for me for my birthday because it’s so close.

George just told me he’s going away at the beginning of the holidays for 10 days. Yeah, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Me and Chels decided that we are going to go swimming at the beach next weekend, but only if the weather is good. No way I’m going if it’s cold and rainy, I’ll probably freeze to death.

There’s this ad on TV at the moment for LJ Hooker and they have this mascot called ‘Mr Hooker Bear’. HAH HAH! Mr Hooker Bear? Oh my god. That’s the worst name for a bear I’ve ever heard. I wonder if people ask him how much? What kind of message is it exactly that they want to give to little kids. They’re going to start running around being little Cece’s, hehehe.Image

I can’t believe I can write this much pointless crap about nothing in particular.

For some reason, I have a Liverpool FC car air-freshener in my bedroom hanging on my mirror. I’ve also got photos stuck all over my mirror at the moment. There’s one of me, Fran and Chels where I am being strangled by a scaf. I’m wearing a tie on my head. I’m obsessed with ties at the moment, I wear them with everything.


Like so!

There’s another photo of me and my friends back in England at a fancy dress party when I was 7. I’m dressed like Pocahontas. I won best costume because I lied and told everyone mum made it, even though we hired it from the fancy dress shop down the road. Mum said she was so embarrassed but I guess I won sweets so it was okay. I looked a bit like this:


There’s also a picture of me and all the little kids from the holiday programme. I miss those little kids, they are so cute.

I have a picture of George, but it’s a huge close up of his face and he’s pulling some of the weirdest facials I’ve ever seen, but I love that photo. The best one of me and George is the one where he’s smiling and I’m looking at the ground because I’m shy. We look like this:


Close enough x



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