Girls I Don’t Like – September 15th 2000

There’s a girl at school called Sam, and me and her used to be really good friends. But then for some reason that just stopped, and now she’s always whispering about me and giving me the evils during class. Me and Cece decided that we both don’t like her anymore so we’re not going to talk to her. She can find new friends.

Anyway, Cece rang me last night and there was a whole bunch of distorted sounds in the background. I heard a bang, and then Cece started to laugh, and in the background I heard another voice. Cece fell off her bed, then started cracking up really loud. It was obvious that someone was with her, and it was SAMANTHA. I bet it was Cece that made us fall out in the first place! Ugh.

I’m so hungry right now. It’s 10:40pm.

I wonder what I’m going to do tomorrow. I might go shopping, but that depends if mum’s going to work at med school (she has 3 jobs at the moment).

She’s really sad since granddad. I don’t know why people are scared of dying. I don’t get it. It’s going to happen to all of us at some point, and nobody can escape it. The only thing that I’m scared of is big fat hair spiders, *shudder*.

I’ve been building a new website on Angelfire so I can put up some of my stupid stories. I just finished building a whole page and then I accidentally deleted it! Rage! I’m so mad with myself.

I went down to the park earlier to see Shane. He’s just dyed his hair pink. He’s actually the weirdest looking person, but still, kind of good looking at the same time. He’s so Mexican looking, but he’s got a weird fashion sense. Today he was wearing Dickies, Globes, silver chains from his shorts, a white T shirt, and PINK HAIR. At least he can be himself, and that’s what I like about him.

Shane told me today that he’s going to have a rave in his car. Seriously, how many people does he think he’s going to get in there? He’ll only fit 5 of us, what kind of rave is that?

Every time I think about Sam I just get more and more angry. She’s such a hoe. The other week she went to the movies with Cece and 2 guys, and she gave one of them a hand job in the disabled toilets. Now everyone at school knows and thinks she’s gross.

Fly Away Home is on TV. Anna Paquin reminds me of Rachel. She’s got Zoe to try and make me feel like it’s my fault that Rachel likes George and that she can’t have him. And it makes me feel really bad. I didn’t do anything to them so what is their problem? Why the hell can’t they just leave me and him alone?

Gah! All the girls just make me so angry right now.



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