Internet Dating – September 15th 2000

It’s Friday and it’s teachers only day, so I’m off school. I am so bored and there’s nothing to do. Right now I actually wish I was at school.

Cece had her last day yesterday, and she’s off to a high school just out of town. I don’t know why. Actually, I think she’s going there because it’s co-ed, and you know how much she likes boys.

Sometimes guys annoy me, because no matter how hard they try they’re always going to do something wrong. It’s so funny because they don’t realise that girls secretly laugh at them. I don’t secretly laugh at George, well… that’s a lie. I laugh at him all the time, but only because I’m kidding.

Last night was strange though, because we both had nothing to say. Well… I did, but I was so sleepy that I didn’t really say anything.

I don’t know, I think there’s something wrong with me because I’m sleepy all the time and I always have bad headaches.

I just came back from getting the mail and there’s a letter for my mum and one for my dad, but none for me. I used to get letters from Angela (white trash) all the time, but now, hardly ever. Angie has a new boyfriend now and in the beginning she used to write to me about him all the time, but that’s dropped off in the last little while. It might be my turn to write though…

Our letters have really slowed down, and when she finally does write to me it’s strange stuff about the ‘supernatural’ and 100 pages about Gabe (her ex boyfriend). Now she just goes on about this new guy, Jason. I don’t even know if she’s met him or not, she’s always meeting these weird dudes on the internet. She sent me this picture of him and DAMN, he’s an ugly one. He looks like a little girl, with long blonde hair.

Anyway, a bit off the topic. On the way to the school social we were in the car with a couple of my sister’s friends, with Fran and Xin, and I said to my sister, “Make sure you look at the guys in the light before you pash them, otherwise you’ll end up with an uggo”. Then Felicity said, “Yeah, like you did with George”. Fuck! I’ve never wanted to punch her so much, so I yelled, “At least I can get a boyfriend! When was the last time you had one?” The only guys she gets are on the internet because they haven’t seen her ugly face.

It’s not even that Fran is really ugly, it’s because she’s a massive bitch. I know I was part of it, but the time that we squished marshmallows into Cece’s locker and wrote ‘rank’ on the door with a vivid was Fran’s idea. Of course, I got all the blame from Mrs Brown (the school counselor). It was so unfair, because even after she knew that I was getting all the blame, the bitch still didn’t own up to it with me.

Cece says that Fran looks and smells like a dog. I don’t know, maybe it’s true, but I don’t go around sniffing people.

Another person who annoys me at school is Miss G. She drew a picture on the white board that looked like this:


And I had to open my big mouth and say, “Hah hah, it actually looks like you”. The whole class started going, “oooOOOooo”, and then stupid Miss G wrote my name above it and left it there for the whole lesson! Stupid teachers.

I love getting photos. I just went and picked up a whole bunch from the social. In almost all the ones that Chels is in she’s hugging someone. There’s one of me and her where she’s hugging me and I’m am just about to sneeze. I look like an uggo.


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