Tantrums – September 15th 2000

Be really glad that you aren’t here right now, because my mum is being an asshole because she doesn’t like my music. I hate her sometimes. She gets pissed off because I don’t turn it off when she tells me to. If she doesn’t like it, she can get lost.

Her music is sooo gay, so how come she can’t turn her shit off when I don’t like it. She’s got that Tracy Chapman crap on. At least in my music guys actually sound like GUYS, and girls sound like GIRLS.

She only got angry because I was listening to The Family Reunion by Blink 182, and the only two words that aren’t swearing are ‘your mom’.

I really don’t need parents. I could very easily live without them. It’s alright though because I’ll be moving out at 16 or 17. Mum said that she won’t allow it, but in social studies we did this assignment on law and you can move out at 16 legally without parental permission.

So sorry mum, but you can’t stop me.

And even now she can’t tell me what to do. Well, she can try, but I’m not going to listen and follow instructions like time good little angel girl. Unless the angel looks like this:


Yes, that’s how angels should look, hah hah.

I’m watching Friday the 13th to calm down. It sucks so bad. It might have been scary when our ancient parents were younger, but now it’s more like a comedy. I’ve never seen anything so stupid in my life. Unless Jeff counts, because he’s stupid.

I felt so mean the other day because I called him fat and ugly. But it’s not true. He’s only sort of chubby but he’s really good looking with dark brown hair. I would never go out with him though. I told him my biggest secret, but I don’t think he cares. Oh well, fuck him.

I also told him that I love George. His reply to that was, “No sweety, you think you love him”. Who is he to tell me what love is? He’s only ever had one serious girlfriend and he’s 18 years old. She dumped him, and now he’s going out with someone called Miranda who barely ever talks to him and disappears for weeks on end.

After I said that to him he majorly flipped his lid, he had a HUGE baby at me, and that’s when I got pissed off and told him that he’s fat and ugly. Well, it’s his fault.

I think Miranda is cheating on him, because I saw on ICQ that she was flirting with a guy who isn’t Jeff. That’s really shit I reckon. It’s so unfair on him. Every time I tell him, he won’t listen to me and thinks I’m trying to split them up so that I can have him. In all seriousness, NO WAY. NEVER. Plus, he’s way older than me.



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