Whangaparoa – April 2000

Mum phoned just before, but I didn’t get to speak to her. I miss her lots.

Tomorrow I’ve got to go to Whangaparoa to Evy’s house. I have to babysit her kids while she’s at work. It’s going to be so great with just me, Evy and her kids, they are sooo cute!

One time Gracie dressed her little brother up in a pink dress and put his blonde hair in pigtails. It was hilarious!

Ewwww gross, I hate peanut butter and just noticed it’s in this sandwich. Ugh, *shudder*.

I still haven’t heard from George (my new boyfriend). Well, I can understand why. Last time he called he was on a mobile phone and we talked for half an hour. His parents are going to be so pissed off when that bill comes.

I went to the skate ramp last night and Shane was there with his friend James, and James’ new girlfriend. She was really pretty and had the best clothes on. Her name is Sarah and she was really sweet.

She asked me so many questions about George. Man, she was curious about him. I’ve got a feeling someone else was behind that. She told me lots of stories about Shane. Apparently when he was little he used to run around naked, not just around the house, but around the street. Ha!

I think when George comes back we should arrange to do something. Because he goes to a boys school, and me a girls school, we never get to see each other. We talk every night, but I haven’t seen him since the last school social. Lame. So lame.



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