Whining – July 2000


Right now I’m at Evy’s house again, she’s going to take me shopping. I think I’m going to try and buy a new diary, I’ve only got one more page in this book! Eek

Time for new clothes to me thinks.

Evy and her ex husband were fighting on the phone before. I was sitting on the couch pretending I wasn’t listening, but I was. So awkward! When she got off the phone she called him a cunt. Must be bad. He slammed the phone down on her and now she’s got a big glass of wine.

I really miss George while I’m out here. I can’t call him because it’s a toll call. OMG I can’t believe he went out with Rachel from the year above me in school. I mean for gods sake, she looks like a damn rat. God I’d like to hit her, she always sits across from me at lunch time giving me the evil eye.

I feel kinda sad that this diary is going to run out, I’ve had it for ages. I call it my diririary, I don’t know why.


So I went shopping. I bought nothing. OMG, I must be going weird because that’s not like me at all. I usually go off the charts when it comes to spending big money on a shopping spree.

Shit, I have to go get my school uniform soon. Back to school, the worst feeling in the world. I put my old one on and it almost showed my butt cheeks, and I don’t think that is a good idea.

Man I hate school. I like all the socials and stuff, but I hella HATE school itself. YUCK. No jewellery. Knee high socks. No nail polish. No makeup. No life. NO WAY! It’s only high school, not a finishing school. They are always saying how we have to be ‘proper ladies’, I’m a frickin GIRL, not a nun.



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