If it looks like a bully, and it acts like a bully… September 25th, 2000

The other day me and Chels hacked into Shanti’s email, to see if her boyfriend Darren was real. She said she had met him in person, but we knew that she had just met him on the internet and had been cybering with him.

A few weeks ago we stole some pages from her diary and she had written some really sick stuff about what she had been saying to him. What a despo.

Her diary said that she cried because her mum wouldn’t let her on the computer one night so she couldn’t speak to him. She said she couldn’t get to sleep without thinking about him. Another part said what she wanted to do to him, but after that point I couldn’t read anymore because it was too gross. In one part she said she was spanking herself, and I got really grossed out thinking about it!

One girl from our class thinks that Shanta’s body is in the shape of an onion, but me, Chels and Michelle think that she kind of looks like a prune, or a date or some kind of dried fruit. And her body is in the shape of an upside down triangle.

Even though we laugh about her, deep down I feel bad for doing this stuff. It’s kind of not fair, but it’s hard when everyone else is doing it and finds it funny. I bet she would be really upset if she knows what we know. Still…

My skin is so bad lately and I know all the girls have been saying stuff about it. I’ve asked mum to get me some of those pills that prevent acne. She said I don’t even need them but I wish she would listen to me for once. My friend in intermediate had them and they gave her cold sores, but the rest of her face cleared up.

Chels read me her diary last night. She had written heaps of weird stuff about me mostly, and how I haven’t been acting like myself lately. She said that I’ve been scaring her. Well, she’s only scared by my attitude, I wonder if she knows what I’ve been thinking how she’d feel then.

6 days to go until George gets back, at least that’s something.

Today I went to feed the fish outside, and I put my hand in the pond again, even after the incident last time. Wanda, Jaws and Zeus (my fish), went mental and attacked my fingers. They are pretty fish, but they are so mean.



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