Beaches, Clingons, Poems and Posters – September 27th, 2000

My posters are giving me the shudders. Everywhere I go they just keep staring at me.

Freddy Prinze Jr just smiles all the time like a maniac. My Marilyn Manson poster has disappeared off the face of the earth, and I don’t know who the hell put Katie Holmes up, but whoever did, I’ll get you. The Offspring look angry, but they are good looking, so I don’t care. The poster I have of The Scream is awesome. And of course, my drawings and sketches are all over the wall. I just drew this stupid thing too:


Ugh, my mother is like a clingon sometimes, I wish she would just cling off!! Dude, I’m serious, I’m never going to grow up at this rate if she keeps trying to stop me from doing the things I want to do. I am growing up though, but behind her back. I don’t think she would be very happy if she found out half the things me and my friends do.

Chelsea wrote some pretty nice stuff about me in her diary. I don’t know why my friends stick by me sometimes because I’m not nice. Even I don’t want to stick by myself most of the time, but it’s not like I have a choice about that, heh. I can’t think of even one nice thing about me.

I’m nearly running out of pages in this book now. I write/talk too much. I am definitely a girl who always has something to say.

Right now I’m watching The Simpsons. It’s on repeat again. I’ve seen them all over and over now. Next is Friends, that’s a repeat too.

I’m looking forward to the beach on Sunday, YIPPEE! Going beaching is THE BEST. I have to help Evy move into her new house, but I get to hang there all day and lounge on the beach for the rest of the time. Yay, swimming! Plus I need to try and get a tan, I’m sooo pale at the moment. I’ll probably just end up burning. The only good thing about being sunburned is that two days later I go a little bit browner.

My uncle just called me and now apparently my plan for tomorrow is babysitting my cousins. I’m getting paid though, which is cool because I need the money. Even if it’s not that much, some money is better than no money (and no money is exactly what I have now).

My poem The Rose and the Wind is going to be put in the annual school magazine. Yay! I got a higher mark than Xin and she is pissed off. It got 100%, and Miss G said she liked the illustrations I did too. A girl a few years up said she read it and said it was so descriptive that it was almost pornographic. That’s probably the weirdest thing anybody has ever said to me. I’m a bit nervous because everybody in the school will be able to read it, and that’s a bit shame.

Oh yeah, Sam is going out with another guy called Tom. It’s not the one she gave a hand job to in the disabled toilets at IMAX, but she will probably do that to him too, hah hah.

Anyway, time for bed.


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