Horror Movies and Risks for Beauty – September 26th, 2000

Last night I looked at myself and I had this idea that I might look a lot better with some earrings. So I kind of pierced my own ears. I didn’t clean the pin, or the earrings, and I didn’t numb my ears. I am a fricking idiot.

When I pierced the left one I did it slowly, bit by bit, and my eyes were tearing up. When it came to the right one, I thought, get it over with, and jabbed it right through so quick. Ahhh, just writing it down gives me shivers. I gave out a massive scream. Lucky nobody was home.

Now I look at them and I’m not even sure if they are symmetrical. And they are both swollen and red. They look so bad. I’ll have to keep my hair untied now.

Funny how I looked forward to the holidays for so long, but now I’m on them I’m so bored that I have to go putting holes in my body for fun.

I never thought I’d say this but I am actually sick of sitting on my ass all day. And I have discovered that life is extremely boring. I’ve watched Scream about 5 times I’d say. I wish I was Sidney in the movie. Apart from that fact that in the movies her boyfriend is always either murdered, or the murderer. I bet she’s never bored, getting chased by murderers all the time and stuff. Or maybe she would get bored after a while, if people keep trying to kill her. Maybe being preyed on was a snore, whereas sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit was the most exciting thing in the world for her and she pees her pants.

It SUCKS that they killed Randy in Scream 2, I love him! He was by far the best character. Jamie Kennedy has the cutest elf ears.

I love all the Halloween movies too. I’ve never watched Nightmare on Elm Street the whole way through. Me and Katy tried to watch it in her brother’s sleep out in intermediate, but after 15 minutes her mum busted us and we got growled at so bad. Oh well, I heard it sucks anyway. But I HAVE seen Friday the 13th, and couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through, as I did say somewhere in this pointless book.

Last night I had so many crazy dreams about WW2, and the holocaust. I woke up so many times. It must have been because we watched Schindler’s List in history. There’s one part where a boy is shoveling snow and he gets shot in the head, and he looked like George. I also had another weird dream just before I woke up, but I’m not going to write it down in case my sister reads it and spreads the word.

I’m listening to dad’s punk CD, The Sound of the Suburbs or something. That song ‘Turning Japanese’ is cool, even if it might be from dad’s ancient time.

I knew I should have cleaned that pin before I brutally jabbed it through my ear. They sting so bad I can’t stop thinking about it. At least they aren’t scabby or scungy like some people’s ears, that’s hella gross.




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