Stupid Names – September 29th, 2000

Evy is moving into a huge house in the next couple of weeks. Andy said it has the worst wallpaper he’s ever seen, retro with brown flowers. He said it reminds him of nicotine and vomit, ha ha. She can’t even redecorate it because it’s a rental. I think Andy is going to move in with her. I hope so because he’s really pissing me off at the moment! Every time he goes up to see Evy he takes more and more of his shit with him, and it never comes back down.

I feel like watching The Wizard of Oz and singing along to all of the songs. It’s my favourite movie. I’ve watched it every Christmas since I can remember.

There’s a lady at my aunties work called Pretty. PRETTY! Is that even a name? The only thing that’s pretty about her is that she’s pretty ugly. There’s a girl at my school called Cookie. And there’s a girl who lives down the road and sometimes hangs out with Shane and her name is Rainbow. Why? Why would a parent do that?

I guess my name is no better because it’s so boring. There are a billion other people in this country alone that have the same first and last name as me. Sister Margaret at school says that even though lots of people have my name, that I’m the one and only, hah hah. She said in front of Chels and everyone that I’m her favourite because I’m cheeky. She’s my favourite teacher. I said fuck in class this year and she made me stand in the corner of the room with my face to the wall, even though I know when I said it she giggled a bit.

Mum wants me to clean the house again. Fuck, I’ve already cleaned it twice today. If I scrubbed the walls or the floor any more they are going to be paper thin. I told mum she should get a cleaner so there would be less for me to do. She said I do nothing as it is.

I went shopping with my mum earlier and I bought a halter top. It’s awesome and red (like half of my clothes are at the moment). That’s okay though because at the moment red is my second favourite colour. My friend Edd told me that red is a sluts colour. What would he know? He has the worst fashion sense I’ve ever seen. He’s such an idiot sometimes. Actually… maybe all the time. I’m not a slut so I’m not going to take offense. I can’t believe his name is Edder. What kind of name is this?

I was looking at my ICQ this morning to see if I had any messages and realised that there’s some really weird names on the list. There’s a girl called inky_blue_frosting_elf. She’s not someone I know in person, she just added me. She says really strange things like, “I’m dancing around my room wearing a rainbow top with toothpaste on my face”.

My sister has just got her first boyfriend, and now she’s on the phone all the time. It’s not fair because the night time is when I use the phone. How am I going to talk to my friends? I keep trying to get mum to get her off, but she won’t do it because she reckons I always get to use the phone and that I’m being selfish. My sister doesn’t even have a life!!! She is such a little bitch to me, and her boyfriend is a gaybo.

Anyway, time to draw.



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