Cheated – October 4th, 2000

Last night I went out. Mum and dad were having some beers/wines so I had to wait until 11pm until they were asleep. I spent most of the night chatting on ICQ with some people I’ve never met. Lately the people I’ve never met are better to talk to than my actual friends.

Anyway, after my parents had 2 hours of playing their music as loud as the stereo would take it, and screaming the words, they finally put on a quieter song. It was something by Van Morrison. I went out to get a glass of water and they were singing to each other with doey eyes. Ugh. It’s okay though because they were too distracted in their romance to notice that I’d swiped a bottle of Creme de Menthe. Surely they won’t notice that has gone. 

When they finally stumbled their way to bed, I chucked on a jumper and climbed out my window. I couldn’t go out of the front door because that way I’d have to go past their bedroom window and the security light would go on. Instead, I had to climb up the fence around the side of my house, and over the tin shed. At one point I was sure I was going to be busted because I fell over on the roof and made a smashing noise on the hollow metal. Lucky!

I went up to the school to meet the others. Everyone was there; Shane, Lissy, Latesha, James, Scott and Dane. Me and Shane sat under the slide and drank the Creme de Menthe. Oh, god it was disgusting. It was like swilling vodka and toothpaste. I got a little bit drunk.

Scott tried it on with me. I was sitting on the swing and he came up behind me and tried to nuzzle my neck. I pushed him off and Shane yelled at him to go home.

Shane asked me what was wrong all night and I just pretended I was okay, until about 2am… that was when I just burst out crying in front of him. He’s amazing you know. He just gave me a really long cuddle and we just sat there for a while like that so I could cry a little bit.

Why is Shane always right? As much as he irritates me, he is the best. He said that there are some things in life that you just can’t change, and that you have to sometimes just let things happen.

I’m glad to know him. He’s wonderful and beautiful. At the moment his hair is blue. It doesn’t really suit him but I don’t think he could care less.

George actually rang me today, and I seriously didn’t think he was going to. He went to the movies with that girl, but I don’t think he knows that I’ve heard. Why doesn’t he know that what he did just isn’t okay? He just thinks I’m tough and I can handle stuff like this. But this is how I see it right; he can make time for those girls, but he can never make time for me.

I wish he knew how much of a dick he can be sometimes. Apparently that girl told him that he should be a goth because he has “really scary eyes like a vampire”. I just always want him to be the same, but I especially don’t want weird girls telling him to be a goth!

I think the tables need to be turned on him soon so he knows what it feels like to be on the other side, and I’m definitely going to be the one to teach him what it’s like.

Being second fiddle sucks so bad. My sister is always the family favourite because when we were younger I was always the fat one and dad would tell me I had to diet. And now I weigh 50kgs so he can’t say that anymore! At school Xin is always the most clever one, and I’m second in line. And now, some weird girl is hanging out with my boyfriend!

Sorry that I’m so negative.


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