Grounded – November 4th, 2000

So, I am in BIG trouble and now I’m grounded. Not even for going out last night (I got home at 3am), but because I smart-mouthed my mum in the kitchen this morning. 

And all because I didn’t say thanks to her for giving me $5 for my lunch. I was still half asleep! She went nuts at me anyway. Ugh, she is SO ANNOYING.

About what I said in here yesterday. I think I’m going through some big changes at the moment, my head is all over the place. I don’t know if I’m coming or going at the moment. But I’m not going to feel bad for anything that I do because it’s my life and it should be up to me.

I’m sick of all the girls at school. They aren’t fun at the moment. All they do is whine about each other, lust after celebrities and try to put on their eye makeup. I have nobody to talk to at that school and I feel like I’d be better of sitting by myself under a tree.


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