A Fight At The Skate Park – November 9th, 2000

Something really, really bad has just happened.

I just got a phone call from James. Apparently him and Shane were down at the skate park (they go there a lot together. They call it ‘bro time’, because they are idiots). Well, Jason was there.

James told me that they overheard Jason talking about me to his friends, bragging and saying shit about me that isn’t even true. He clearly didn’t see James and Shane.

Then apparently Shane just smashed his board on the ground, walked up to Jason, grabbed him by the throat and just bashed him repetitively against the side of the ramp, screaming “Don’t talk about her! Don’t talk about her!”… or something.

James told me that Jason punched Shane in the face about 3 times and he was covered in blood. Then Shane just laid into him apparently. James said he kneed him in the nuts and everything, and slammed his head into the wood.

He said that Jason’s friends had to drag Shane off and he was lucky he didn’t get a hiding from everyone. James said he pushed them off him anyway and they ran to the car and sped off.

He said Shane is at home now mending his face.

James said it was the most exciting thing he’s ever seen.

I don’t know what to think. I feel like, well, I can fight my own battles. But on the other hand, I kind of like that someone is fighting them for me.

He’s amazing. I’ve said it before. Because it’s true.

I think I might have made up my mind.



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