School Yard Roughhousing – November 9th, 2000

At school today we were all sitting around gossiping. There’s so many stupid bitches at our school, I’m surprised we don’t gossip more than we do. The gossiping happened because there are 2 cousins that are in my class together. They call themselves ‘sisters’ because they live in the same house (one of them was abandoned by their parents). Anyway, there I was, eating my half an apple like I do every day, and then we suddenly heard all this screaming.

I looked over, and the 2 ‘sisters’ are going at it in the yard. The younger (and smaller) one was punching the other one in the face so hard, and the bigger one was just taking it. I watched her face, and saw the moment when something ticked over and she completely snapped. Then she grabbed the smaller ones hair and started dragging her around by it. The smaller one let out the worst blood churning scream.

Then a nun came out.

I swear they both just stopped in their tracks, the bigger one with the smaller ones hair still in her hands. The smaller one with her mouth open. Just frozen.

Everyone, and I mean everyone just stopped what they were doing. Even I did, mid apple bite.

The nun screamed, “GET. IN. MY. OFFICE. NOOOOOOW!” And she dragged them up the hill to reception.

I will be surprised if I see either of them for another week or 2. It was THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN AT LUNCH.

Anyway, after laughing about that for a while, we started gossiping about them, then about other people, then about me. And I blurted, “I’ve been thinking about doing it”.

I was expecting a little more shock. Chels was shocked and told me not to even think about it until I’m 16. But the other 2 told me they’d already done it. I can’t believe they lied to me right to my face like that. I’ve never seen either of them with a boyfriend so why bother lying to me.

Oh, I don’t know. I just want someone to tell me if I’m being crazy instead of just lying. What to doooooo!!!!??



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