Whispers in the Corridor – November 23rd, 2000

Things have been going really strange over the past couple of days.

Nobody is really talking to me at school. They are talking ABOUT me in whispers behind their hands, but not to my face.

In class I’d seen the three of them passing a note back and forth between them, but because I was on a different table I didn’t think anything of it.

Even Chels has been shunning me. Today at lunch time I walked out of class and everyone just kind of fled. I looked around for them in the usual place we sit, but they weren’t there. Then I ended up starting to feel a bit panicked when I couldn’t find them.

Then I realised I’d been ditched.

I sat down and read for a while instead. But I really, really feel like shit about this whole thing.

I know they think I’m gross for doing what I did, but I thought they’d be behind me. Nobody even knows who it is that I’ve slept with. They don’t even know the back story. I feel like I kind of want to tell them, but at the same time it’s my own personal business.

I know that’s why they’re not speaking to me. Because they think they’re scaring me into telling them. I’d rather sit alone. But if they think they’re going to get away with this lightly they’ve got another thing coming.

I’m going to do something, but I’m not sure what yet.



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