Late-night Party Girl – November 24th, 2000

I’m writing this now at 11:30pm.

I  wasn’t supposed to be going out tonight. I’d honestly and truly planned to spend the evening in bed with the TV, just hanging out and eating frozen Snickers bars.

BUT then I get a phone call, a really really late phone call which made my dad really fucking angry. But he let me take it.

Apparently everyone wants to have a little party tonight, and it’s not like I’m going to say no. It’s the worst thing ever when they have parties and you don’t go along, because it means for the next few times everyone just goes on and on about how it was “The BEST PARTY EVER”, and “such and such did this, such and such did that, oh wasn’t blah blah blah so funny”.

And anyway, after the scene I made today at school (and I’m still pretty pleased with myself, so I’m sure I did the right thing), I need a drink and a big smoke on a big joint.

So here I am now, trying to make my bed hair look a little less bed-hairy, and my sleepy eyes look a little more like pretty eyes. We will see.

The parental unit are already drunkenly sleeping so I guess this is my lucky night.

Shane’s getting me in 10 minutes.


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