My First Taste of Heartbreak – October 3rd, 2000

I spoke to George last night, but I wish I hadn’t. He’s finally back. Someone tried to set their friend up with him. I bet he didn’t even say anything to stop it. Chels has been talking to his friend Greg and I heard through the grapevine he had a girl sitting on his knee […]

I Hate It When… September 30th, 2000

I went op shopping today and I bought a funny pair of retro swimming shorts. They are blue with a white Hawaiian pattern. Mum said they are really ugly, but I don’t care what she says. I hope it’s sunny tomorrow because I’m going to the beach and I want to wear them. Later… I am so […]

Stupid Names – September 29th, 2000

Evy is moving into a huge house in the next couple of weeks. Andy said it has the worst wallpaper he’s ever seen, retro with brown flowers. He said it reminds him of nicotine and vomit, ha ha. She can’t even redecorate it because it’s a rental. I think Andy is going to move in […]

Pushy Friends and Drunk Bridesmaids – September 28th, 2000

Today I watched Girl Interrupted. It was such a good movie. I can’t believe it’s a true story, so crazy! Angelina Jolie is a babe. Last night I had a 3 hour conversation with Chels on the phone. Dad kept trying to kick me off because I spend too much time of the phone when […]

Beaches, Clingons, Poems and Posters – September 27th, 2000

My posters are giving me the shudders. Everywhere I go they just keep staring at me. Freddy Prinze Jr just smiles all the time like a maniac. My Marilyn Manson poster has disappeared off the face of the earth, and I don’t know who the hell put Katie Holmes up, but whoever did, I’ll get […]

Horror Movies and Risks for Beauty – September 26th, 2000

Last night I looked at myself and I had this idea that I might look a lot better with some earrings. So I kind of pierced my own ears. I didn’t clean the pin, or the earrings, and I didn’t numb my ears. I am a fricking idiot. When I pierced the left one I […]

If it looks like a bully, and it acts like a bully… September 25th, 2000

The other day me and Chels hacked into Shanti’s email, to see if her boyfriend Darren was real. She said she had met him in person, but we knew that she had just met him on the internet and had been cybering with him. A few weeks ago we stole some pages from her diary […]

Colonial Wreaths and Cats – September 22nd, 2000

Today my school is having this thing they call ‘Colonial Day’. Basically, it’s the lamest day ever invented where they expect us to wear colonial clothes, eat colonial food, sing colonial songs, use no electricity, play colonial games that young ladies would have played back in colonial times, making floral wreaths. So I stayed home. […]

Yogurt Attack – September 21st, 2000

Okay, so maybe yesterday I was overreacting a bit. I had one of those annoying days where nothing seems to go the way it’s supposed to, and that really blows. In P.E at the beginning of the day I hid in a cubicle the whole lesson because I just felt so shitty and I didn’t […]

It’s Not Always Fun and Games – September 20th 2000

I have up days and down days. Today is definitely, by far, a down day. I just wish I could go to sleep for a really long time and wake up when this whole year is over with. Today is a destroying of mind and heart day, where all I want to do is stay […]