The Best Birthday Present – November 17th, 2000

Today, after my parents left, I shot straight out of bed, took the pain killers mum gave me earlier, and ran myself a bath. Baths are the best way to start the day. I soaked in there for about 40 minutes until the water started to go a little cold. We have coconut body wash […]

I Think I Got Away With It – November 13, 2000

Finally I’m back from school and I can finish what I was writing yesterday. After everyone found out about me and Shane, we went back and joined the party, without having to hide it from everyone. What was annoying though, was that everybody wanted to know EVERYTHING about EVERTYHING. When did it happen. Had we […]

Beaches, Clingons, Poems and Posters – September 27th, 2000

My posters are giving me the shudders. Everywhere I go they just keep staring at me. Freddy Prinze Jr just smiles all the time like a maniac. My Marilyn Manson poster has disappeared off the face of the earth, and I don’t know who the hell put Katie Holmes up, but whoever did, I’ll get […]