Throwing Petrol on a Bonfire – November 24th, 2000

Many might disagree, but to me, today was probably the best day at school I’ve ever had. Before you judge what I’m going to say, please remember that over the last few days all I’ve had from people is gossip, weird looks, nasty remarks, and that’s if I’m not being completely ignored. I know that […]

Colonial Wreaths and Cats – September 22nd, 2000

Today my school is having this thing they call ‘Colonial Day’. Basically, it’s the lamest day ever invented where they expect us to wear colonial clothes, eat colonial food, sing colonial songs, use no electricity, play colonial games that young ladies would have played back in colonial times, making floral wreaths. So I stayed home. […]

Yogurt Attack – September 21st, 2000

Okay, so maybe yesterday I was overreacting a bit. I had one of those annoying days where nothing seems to go the way it’s supposed to, and that really blows. In P.E at the beginning of the day I hid in a cubicle the whole lesson because I just felt so shitty and I didn’t […]