Killing Time With Lolita – November 4th, 2000

11:20pm Tonight was a horrible night. I’m grounded so I was on ICQ, when Jeff came online. It’s been a while since I’ve seen or spoken to Jeff.  He messaged me, and he was talking all weird. He said he came on to delete me from his ICQ list, and said “Forget ever knowing me”. […]

My First Taste of Heartbreak – October 3rd, 2000

I spoke to George last night, but I wish I hadn’t. He’s finally back. Someone tried to set their friend up with him. I bet he didn’t even say anything to stop it. Chels has been talking to his friend Greg and I heard through the grapevine he had a girl sitting on his knee […]

Tired – October 1st, 2000

It’s a new month. I love new months! I was just at mum and dad’s friends house and it was pretty funny. Me and dad’s friend have got this thing about Viv at the moment where she’s totally pissing us off. She always talks about herself and all the things she’s good at. She’s always […]