A Little Packet – November 26th, 2000

I’ve done something I’m really ashamed of. I’m never ashamed, so I know it’s bad. Friday night I got really drunk. Actually, ‘really drunk’ is such a massive understatement that I for once don’t have words to describe something. I’ll start from the beginning. But I’m still hungover… this is going to be a hard […]

Late-night Party Girl – November 24th, 2000

I’m writing this now at 11:30pm. I ¬†wasn’t supposed to be going out tonight. I’d honestly and truly planned to spend the evening in bed with the TV, just hanging out and eating frozen Snickers bars. BUT then I get a phone call, a really really late phone call which made my dad really fucking […]

Cheated – October 4th, 2000

Last night I went out. Mum and dad were having some beers/wines so I had to wait until 11pm until they were asleep. I spent most of the night chatting on ICQ with some people I’ve never met. Lately the people I’ve never met are better to talk to than my actual friends. Anyway, after […]