Yogurt Attack – September 21st, 2000

Okay, so maybe yesterday I was overreacting a bit. I had one of those annoying days where nothing seems to go the way it’s supposed to, and that really blows. In P.E at the beginning of the day I hid in a cubicle the whole lesson because I just felt so shitty and I didn’t […]

Girls I Don’t Like – September 15th 2000

There’s a girl at school called Sam, and me and her used to be really good friends. But then for some reason that just stopped, and now she’s always whispering about me and giving me the evils during class. Me and Cece decided that we both don’t like her anymore so we’re not going to […]

Whining – July 2000

Right now I’m at Evy’s house again, she’s going to take me shopping. I think I’m going to try and buy a new diary, I’ve only got one more page in this book! Eek Time for new clothes to me thinks. Evy and her ex husband were fighting on the phone before. I was sitting […]